Christina Grimmie’s killer was her own fan! – Watch Bieber’s tribute to her

Justin Bieber broke down in tears on June 13th while performing his title song from his latest album ‘Purpose’ at the MTS Center in Winnipeg, paying tribute to the YouTube singer Christina Grimmie who was shot down by her crazy fan on Friday, June 10, 2016 after her performance at the Plaza Live in Florida. She died on June 11th. After shooting Grimmie in the head, the suspect killed himself. 

Watch Justin Bieber’s tribute to Christina below:

Grimmie’s Killer wanted to marry ‘The Voice’ Singer According to recent police investigations, Kevin Loibl, who shot Christina Grimmie at a fan Meet & Greet after a concert in Orlando on june 10, was so obsessed with the singer that he underwent medical procedures so that she would find him more attractive. Loibl’s co-workers at the Florida Best Buy store say the 27-year old got hair transplants, underwent Lasik eye surgery and even went vegan to try to lose weight. He wanted to date Grimmie and marry her, and was teased about it at work. He claimed to have met her at a previous concert in March 2016, and that he played online games with her, but Grimmie’s camp ferventy deny this.

Loibl lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, and that same day, before heading off to shoot her, he left a note on his door the day of the murder. Loibl shot Grimmie at the meet-and-greet following her concert in Orlando last Friday. Grimmie’s brother stopped him shooting others. Loibl turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Grimmie died in hospital later that night.

This following video is uploaded on her official YouTube Channel:

Check out other artists who also paid tribute:







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